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Resort & Pet Policies

General Information:


Please keep your neighbors in mind during your day-to-day activities; be considerate of others and act in a safe manner at all times.  You, as our registered guest(s), are responsible for all children and visitors at your site.


Speed limit throughout the resort is 5 m.p.h.


Check-in 12:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.   We require that all guests check in by 4:30 p.m.  No late arrivals are accepted.  Please arrive at our resort before 4:30 p.m. so that we can greet you, orient you with the property, and give you a personal escort to your site. 

Check-out 12:00 p.m.  If you wish to extend your stay, check with us prior to 12 noon. 


“Quiet Time” is 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.  Children and young adults (under 21) shall be with parent/guardian or at site by 11:00 p.m.  Music and TV (anytime of day) are for your enjoyment only—please monitor noise levels at your site at all times.


Four (4) people maximum allowed at each site (including children and/or visitors).  Additional people and/or visitors (over 4) are not permitted.


One (1) RV and one (1) vehicle allowed at each site.  RVs must display the RVIA seal.  One (1) extra vehicle is allowed at $10 per day.  Additional vehicles (over 2) are not permitted at the property.  All visitors and vehicles shall be registered in the office prior to, or at the time of, their arrival.  All vehicles must have a visible pass.


Gas powered scooters, ATV’s, go-carts, mini-bikes, mopeds, etc. not allowed to be ridden/driven on resort property.  Gas powered scooters with proper license (street legal) may be ridden by a licensed driver to and from your site to park entrance/exit.


Golf carts may be driven by guests 21 years or older who possess a valid driver’s license.  Guest is solely responsible for the safe operation of any vehicle(s) operated by guest and/or visitor while on the premises.  Lights must be permanently attached to golf cart and be operational when driven between sunset and sunrise.


Bicycles/scooters not allowed on marina wall, pool, walkways, ramps, or in building.  Riding of bicycles or scooters not allowed after sunset.  Skateboards and skates, of any type, prohibited on Resort property.


Parking of vehicles shall be in authorized areas only.  Do not park in sites of which you have not registered for or in such a way as to inconvenience other guests.


Smoking is prohibited by Florida law in the office, clubhouse, laundry, and/or restroom.  Please be considerate by properly disposing of cigarette butts at your site, throughout the resort, and outside building.


Barbequing and campfires permitted in approved containers only--please consult our staff.  Ground fires of any type prohibited.  Fireworks and firearms, of any type, not permitted in the resort.

Do not tie and/or attach items to electric posts, signage or landscaping.

Water is precious in the Keys.  Please see the office for costs associated with washing RVs and vehicles.


Pool Rules:  Open 9:00 a.m. to Dusk.  Posted at pool.

Pet Etiquette & Policies:


Two (2) pets maximum allowed at each site.


Please register all pets, prior to, or at time of check-in.


Pets must be on a 6’ leash, a service dog harness or in a cage at all times and not left unattended at your site.


Pets not allowed in the office, clubhouse, laundry, pool, on beach and/or in landscaping areas.


“Potty” your pet in the designated area and CLEAN-UP after them IMMEDIATELY. (See map for dog walk area.)


Be considerate of other guests, as many may not be as appreciative of the behavior of your pet as you are.


Any pet that shows aggressive behavior shall be required (at the discretion of the Resort Managers) to be removed from the resort immediately.


Pets who cause a disturbance, or who are bothersome to other guests, may be asked to leave the resort.


Many times, pets left home alone will cry, howl, bark, etc. while you are away--even though you do not think they would.  In that case, your pet will need to be with you, whenever you leave your RV. 

Guests who choose to violate these pet policies will be asked to leave the resort, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Basin Dockage/Fishing/Fish Cleaning:


Dockage is reserved for registered guests (please see our staff for details) in their assigned space only.  All boats shall be tied to cleats (not tied around pilings) and must have at least two fenders.  All dockage is at your own risk, resort assumes no liability for damages.


Water for rinsing boats/engines and filling tanks is available for your convenience.  Please limit usage—water is precious in the Florida Keys.


Promptly remove all personal items from the dock area when loading/unloading gear.


As a courtesy to boat owners who register for dockage, NO FISHING ALLOWED IN DOCK AREA.  (Fishing line may cause serious damage to props and lower units.)


Fish cleaning stations are available in marina basin area. Fish/lobster carcasses should be punctured (for air) and put down chute at cleaning station—do not put in trash.  Please lower the umbrella after use. Fish cleaning not allowed at sites. 

Kayak/Paddle Board launch ramp should be raised after each use.  Kayaks/Paddle Boards should be taken back to your site after each use.

Site Set-up & Outdoor Area:


In an effort to maintain a visually pleasing and safe resort, please adhere to the following outdoor site set-up guidelines.  The guidelines will be interpreted and approved by the Resort Managers and are subject to change without notice.
Placement of RV on the site must be consistent with the proposed layout of the resort.

BBQ grills and firepits should not be placed on table.

Jet skis, boats, and boat trailers shall not be stored on RV sites.  Please contact the Resort Managers for appropriate fees and storage locations for jet skis, boats, and/or trailers.

Awnings and/or screen rooms (as originally installed/ intended by the RV manufacturer or approved after-market products--portable/removable) are permissible.  No free standing canopies or awnings.


Awning mats and patio rugs (with finished/hemmed edges—intended for outdoor use) are permissible under the awning area.  Please note that unfinished/non-hemmed indoor/outdoor carpet, astroturf, etc. are not acceptable products.


Outdoor showers are prohibited, except for those installed on the RV by the manufacturer and intended to be used for “rinsing off” only.


One (1) refrigerator and/or freezer (less than 42” high) permitted outside the RV.  Please see Resort Managers for pre-approval of condition and location.


Sinks, washer/dryers, and/or oven/stoves of all types prohibited outside the RV.


All RV’s must be in good working order/appearance and display the RVIA seal.  Repairs may be made on-site on an emergency basis only—please see Resort Managers for pre-approval of repair/maintenance to vehicles and/or RVs.


Space around and under RV shall be kept neat and free from rubbish, trash, and other items.  Garbage and refuse shall be promptly taken to the resort dumpster by the guest.


Clothes racks and/or clothes lines may be utilized for towels and swimwear only.  Clotheslines may not be tied to or between trees.  Please utilize the dryers in the resort laundry facility for clothing and personal items.


The following flags, banners, and/or signs may be displayed on RV’s, vehicles, and/or sites:  American Flags, state flags, sport themed and team flags, pet flags, and beverage flags; all must be in clean and untattered condition.  No other flags, banners, and/or signs may be displayed. 


Thank you for your adhering to these policies and guidelines! 


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